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Computed tomography examination is method that allows visualization of cross sections of the human body using x-rays. During the test, the patient is placed on a special table that is moved inside the camera (Gantry).

Around the patient’s body is moving the system consisting of a set of X-ray tube and detectors. This provides the possibility to obtain the desired layer in image reconstruction of the patient body. This method makes it possible to reconstruct diagnostic facility made ​​in different sections and the reconstruction of three-dimensional.

The main advantage of CT in relation to the classical radiology studies is the possibility of precise differentiation of human tissue density.

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Magnetic resonance imaging is a noninvasive method which allows obtaining images of any cross-section through a specific structure of the human body, using electromagnetic fields and radio waves. This method is the most rapidly growing imaging technique, which allows the assessment of morphology and function of organs.

This MR test involves placing the patient in a constant magnetic field of high energy and the excitation of tissue using radio waves. Magnetic resonance imaging allows noninvasive assessment of the way the whole human anatomical structures in any plane, including three-dimensionally. This method is mainly used to diagnose nervous system, skeletal, abdomen and pelvis. The results are images with highest quality and resolution.

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Is non invasive ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used for visualizing subcutaneous body structures including tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs for possible pathology or lesions with use of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound allows visualization of internal structures without exposing patient on x-rays radiation. The method is used in the diagnosis of body organ such as abdominal cavity, soft tissues, heart and blood vessels (Doppler method).

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Radiography is the use of X-rays to view a non uniformly composed material such as the human body mainly bones, chest and abdomen. By utilizing the physical properties of the ray an image can be developed displaying clearly, areas of different density and composition.

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Complex treatment for physically or mentally disabled patients. The aim is to restore full or maximum physical and mental efficiency to allow patients lead normal social and professional life. Movement rehabilitation is intent for patients with reduce mobility and problems with motion organs.

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